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Preventing White Spots on Teeth

Find out why white spots often spell trouble for your teeth.

While everyone is looking for ways to maintain and achieve a whiter smile, white spots on teeth are certainly not what anyone wants. If you are wondering what causes white spots on teeth and how to prevent them from happening, you’ve come to the right place. Our Trenton, MI, dentist Dr. Nicholas Booker of Booker Family Dentistry can provide you with advice on oral hygiene and other habits to prevent white spots from forming.

What causes white spots?

There are several reasons white spots may form on teeth. In some cases, particularly in some children, this could be caused by too much fluoride. This is known as dental fluorosis. If enamel doesn’t develop properly this can also lead to white spots known as enamel hypoplasia, which may also increase your child’s chances for decay.

Other causes of white spots on teeth include poor hygiene (this most often occurs in those wearing braces) and eating a diet high in sugar and acidic foods.

How are white spots treated?

How our Trenton, MI, family dentist treats white spots will depend on the underlying cause and the overall health of you or your child’s teeth. Treatment options include:

Teeth Whitening

Our professional chairside or at-home whitening systems may be able to reduce the appearance of white spots on your teeth. The bleaching gels that we use are incredibly powerful, which means that our patients often see results in just one session.


Before undergoing teeth whitening, our dental team may recommend getting microabrasion. This procedure is similar to tooth reshaping, except we are removing small traces of enamel to reduce the appearance of white spots. We often follow up microabrasion with teeth whitening to whiten the enamel around the white spots so that your smile is more even.

Porcelain Veneers

Since dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that hide imperfections on the surface of your teeth, they are often a go-to for adults who are looking to hide white spots. If you aren’t a candidate for teeth whitening or microabrasion, or if you didn’t get the results you were looking for with these options, then you may want to consider having us place veneers.

Protecting the health of your smile doesn’t have to be challenging, and your Trenton, MI, family dentist Dr. Booker and the team can help with routine checkups and cleanings. To schedule your next dental appointment, call Booker Family Dentistry at (734) 675-5700.

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