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You Can Get Rid of Your Excessive or Uneven Gums

Your teeth may be straight and white, but if your gum line extends further down your teeth than you'd like, or your gum line is not even, gum reshapingyou may be hesitant to smile. A gum reshaping procedure at Booker Family Dentistry, located in Trenton, MI, may be exactly what you need to have the smile you've always dreamed of. Here you'll learn more about this cosmetic dentistry treatment offered by Dr. Nicholas Booker.

When is gum reshaping needed?

Usually someone who has excessive gum tissue can pinpoint a family member who has the same feature, making it genetic in nature. While gum reshaping, also called gum sculpting or contouring, may be part of a larger periodontal regeneration procedure for people who have gum disease, the majority of patients have the excess tissue removed for cosmetic purposes. Having an even ratio of gums-to-teeth is the aesthetic standard, which your Trenton cosmetic dentist can help you achieve.

How is gum reshaping done?

Your initial consultation will allow you to discuss your goals with Dr. Booker and will help you understand the process and limitations of the procedure. If you and Dr. Booker decide that gum reshaping is right for you, a date will be set for the procedure to be performed. Dr. Booker will use a pen to mark off the sections to be removed and a local anesthetic will be applied to fully numb the area. Using manual and electronic instruments, your Trenton cosmetic dentist will carefully clear away the excess tissue. Bandages will then be applied to the surgery area.

As Dr. Booker will explain, it will take at least a few days before the gum tissue has healed, if not a couple weeks. In the meantime, soft, low-temperature foods should be eaten - yogurt, pasta and eggs, for example. Your dentist will also explain how to brush your teeth and what analgesics should be taken.

Gum reshaping can give you the confidence to smile broadly. To learn more, contact the cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Booker in Trenton, MI!

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