What Are the Different Types of Crowns?

Teeth are just like any other part of our body. They can get worn down or hurt and require care to stay in good health. But sometimes a dental crownstooth gets too damaged to be left alone. When this happens, your Tenton, MI dentist at Booker Family Dentistry may suggest you get a dental crown.

Dental crowns help protect weakened teeth, restoring their appearance and saving them from the need for extraction. Crowns can be made out of a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless steel: These are prefabricated, temporary crowns that can be placed in one office visit. They’re frequently used to cover a damaged tooth while you wait for your permanent crown to be fabricated by the lab. Stainless steel is also the material of choice for children who need a crown on a baby tooth.

Metal alloys: Gold, nickel and chromium are a few of the metals commonly used to make crowns. Metal crowns are sturdy and strong, a good choice for molars that can’t be seen and bear much of the force of chewing. Metal crowns also create minimal wear to the opposing teeth, and require less tooth structure to be removed before placement.

Porcelain or ceramic: These materials can be created to match your natural tooth color, making them an ideal choice for front teeth. However, they are more likely to fracture or chip under excessive force, such as what happens with tooth grinding, and they can cause wear to the opposing teeth. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are a good choice for people with metal allergies.

Resin: This is the same composite material used in tooth-colored fillings. An all-resin crown is less expensive than other types, and does not cause excessive wear to the opposing teeth. However, this type of crown often requires more tooth structure to be removed and is more prone to breakage.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal: These hybrid crowns are anchored to your teeth with a durable metal, but covered with tooth-colored porcelain for a natural look. They can be a good choice for either front or back teeth, and have a long track record of success. However, if your gums begin to recede even slightly, the metal edge may become visible at the gumline.

Trenton Dental Crowns

When choosing a material for your new crown, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration. Your health history, dental hygiene habits, concern for aesthetics, and personal preferences all play a role in making the best choice for you. For dental crowns in Trenton, MI, call Booker Family Dentistry at (734) 675-5700 or request your appointment now.

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