A Straighter Smile On Your Terms

Are you considering orthodontic treatment but don’t want to tie yourself down to years and years of traditional orthodontics? Invisalign aligners just might be the answer you’re looking for. Basically, Invisalign treatment utilizes uniquely developed treatment plans and advanced materials to correct a myriad of teeth and bite concerns just as efficiently and effectively as metal braces. Here at Booker Family Dentistry in Trenton, MI, Dr. Nicholas Booker uses Invisalign treatment to help you achieve a straighter smile in the fastest and most comfortable way possible.

How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

While metal braces use metal wires and braces for straightening the teeth, Invisalign uses SmartTrack aligners made of thermoplastic clear material that’s very comfortable. The aligners are meticulously created using the impressions of your teeth to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are very smooth and can even safeguard the inside of your mouth against nicks and cuts.

During Invisalign treatment, you’ll change into a different set of aligners about every two weeks or so, provided that you wear them at least 22 hours a day. The aligners work by gently forcing your teeth into the proper position using the patented SmartForce design by Invisalign. The main advantage offered by this novel design is that instead of moving the teeth at once, each set of aligners will move particular teeth at a time to ensure that you get fast results without the discomfort.

What’s The Invisalign Treatment Plan Like?

What’s unique about Invisalign treatment is that you’ll be given your entire treatment plan as early as the first consultation at our Trenton office. This will enable your dentist to discuss with you the proposed treatment plan, show you the potential results, and give you an accurate timeline prior to starting with your treatment.

Because your dentist can control and predict how your teeth should move into position each day, he can also predict highly accurate treatment results that will satisfy your treatment goals. Expect to meet with your dentist every six weeks or so, so that he can evaluate your progress.

It’s vital to note though that while Invisalign aligners are capable of effectively treating most concerns regarding crooked teeth, bite misalignment, and gapped teeth, the only way to know whether you’re a great candidate for the treatment is to consult Dr. Booker.

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