By Booker Family Dentistry
January 11, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Would you like your smile to look its very best, but you worry that cosmetic dentistry treatments exceed your budget? Well, worry no more. dental bondingWith cosmetic bonding from Dr. Nicholas Booker in Trenton, MI, you can remake small dental defects seamlessly and affordably. Let the professional team at Booker Family Dentistry show you how.

The importance of a smile

The American Association of Orthodontists states that a full one-third of American adults dislike what they see when they look in the mirror. No, they aren't upset about their eye color or the shape of their noses. They're disturbed by the appearance of their smile.

And that's not surprising. Other studies conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry find that your smile gets noticed before the color of your hair, your clothes and even your body shape. In other words, a smile means a lot, and if yours is less than satisfactory, you deserve a change.

Dr. Booker delivers the smile changes people desire most. He offers a long list of cosmetic dentistry services in his Trenton office. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and more can enhance your healthy smile and boost your self-esteem, too. Cosmetic bonding is one of his most popular, effective and cost-sparing treatments.

Exactly what is cosmetic bonding?

Also called composite resin bonding, this simple aesthetic treatment uses a blend of glass particles and acrylic to reshape chipped, gapped, cracked and otherwise marred teeth. By visual inspection, Dr. Booker can tell you if this one-visit service can remake your smile.

Here's how it works. If you're a candidate for bonding, Dr. Booker lightly buffs the areas to be repaired. Then, he puts a special bonding liquid on the sites and applies the resin. He shapes the putty-like material to achieve a natural look. Then, he hardens the tooth-colored material with a curing light and polishes the surfaces to a high sheen.

Afterwards, be sure you brush twice a day with a soft brush and also floss daily. Your bonded teeth are stain-resistant, but limit tobacco, coffee and other staining foods. Pay particular attention to cleaning the gum line if your bonding repairs extend to these soft tissues.

Additionally, remember that composite resin is strong and will last for years, but don't abuse it. Avoid extra hard foods, and don't bite non-food items such as pencils.

Small changes and big benefits

Bonding can transform those little flaws that detract from your personal appearance. Why not investigate this great cosmetic procedure by contacting Booker Family Dentistry? Dr. Booker and his team will help you decide on a simple treatment plan. You'll love what cosmetic dentistry in Trenton, MI can do for you. Why not call now? (734) 675-5700.